Black, crystal and silver, with two bold splashes of red.


A blend from deep turquoise, through cobalt blue, back to turquoise, interspersed with silver and crystal.


A lagoon blend from deep turquoise to lime green, interspersed with silver and crystal.


Deep browns, through bronze and copper tones, with lighter creamy and crystal beads helping to accentuate the different shapes and sizes.

Variable-Length Tied Statement Necklaces

These chunky, statement necklaces can be worn casual or smart - funky with a low-neck T-shirt or elegant under a shirt and jacket. The beads are strung asymmetrically on strong and flexible jewellery wire, with faux suede ties that allow for the variable length (approx 14in to 17in) of a choker or a longer necklace.

The largest beads, which are approx 20mm in diameter, are the blown-glass cushions, which are complemented by a mix of frosted glass beads and hearts, foil-lined beads, Czech fire-polished faceted beads, Indian lampwork beads, acrylic crystal and various silvered beads, depending on the colour scheme.

The ties are made from 3mm flat micro fibre faux suede – a realistic (and more practical) alternative to suede, it is extremely soft and flexible, as well as being strong and durable, and is even washable (the cords are removable), having been designed not to crack or fray over time.