Aqua stretch stacking bracelet set


Lagoon stretch stacking bracelet set


Petrol & Aqua Stretch Stacking Bracelet with Swarovski pearls, crystals and heart charm.


Petrol Stretch Stacking Bracelet with Swarovski pearls and crystal heart charm.

Stretch Stacking Bracelets

A selection of stretch bracelets designed for stacking. The sets each comprise four bracelets designed to be worn together, singly or in any combination in between. Each bracelet uses different but co-ordinating beads (which also match some of my necklaces). Strung on durable elastic cord, they include a mix of Czech glass and crystal beads, a variety of silvered and galvanised beads, blown-glass cushions and frosted and/or foil-lined hearts.
The single bracelets have also been designed with stacking in mind. They include Swarovski pearls and crystals, with a feature Swarovski heart charm.